Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not too bad lately...

I think it is because, 1 is on restriction and school is almost out.- which I can't believe... Summers are easier and harder too... Makes no sense unless you have kids..

Well, youngest daughter (12) lost her Christmas present - the Kindle Fire.  Sadly, not shocking.. She has lost and/or destroyed 2 ipods, she is on laptop 3 and who knows how many phones.. but her mom and dad keep replacing them.. Oh yea, let us not forget the digital cameraS....  (yes I meant to use the S)...  So, after talking to some friends and discussing it with hubby - we have decided that she is going to have to pay us back 1/2 of the cost... She has a job of walking neighbor's dogs with our middle daughter (she is not getting any $$ right now because of restriction but still having to be responsible and walk dogs .. our middle daughter is getting all the money ... in the rules)...  So, what do you think?  Is it too harsh?  My goal is for her to FINALLY respect the things we buy her and hopefully have her learn the value of a dollar!!!!

On a side note, I am working on a new blog, too... One just about a big change coming to our life and then the daily craziness that ensues... It should be up and running May 1st!



  1. I don't think it is harsh at all. Kids have to learn that they are going to have to be responsible for things when they grow up.No one will be there then to replace what they have lost or broken. And more importantly to be grateful for what they do have.

  2. We have four teenagers in our house. Two boys, two girls. We make them pay for things they break. If they don't have money, then we wait until they do.

  3. Leanne...we soooo need to catch up

  4. Thanks for yalls words of encouragement!