Thursday, July 5, 2012

Drama with 2 teenage daughters now

Summer has been pretty quiet.  R is w/her mom in Texas.  A is w/her dad in Texas and K went to spend 2 weeks w/her dad and sister in Texas and is now back.  So right now just one teenage daughter.  About a week ago, though, A decided that she wanted to stay with her dad in Texas for this coming school year.  It was quite a shock.  I wasn't expecting it.  My ex-husband and JT have been really supportive and great during all these changes.  I am dealing with it.  Trying.  Feel bad for me and excited for her to experience time w/her dad.  I know she is going into a great situation, but I am mom, I am still going to worry.  I will miss a whole year w/out her.  I can't even imagine.  It hurts my heart but I am going to let her do it and support her 100%.  I can skype and facebook her, I can call her all the time and send her goodie packages, too!  I just wont be there for the day to day and I always have been.  I have great friends, Venus & Andrea and all my facebook friends who have given me great advice and support and I know will continue to do so. WOW!  Only 2 teenage daughters at home.  Sounds dull, lol.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Update to the rule list - one got marked off

What a weekend!  With 3 teenagers and 2 of them played so good w/each other on Sunday, it was bound to end badly.  Oh and it did!  Well, rule number 4 is off the list.  Leaving things in others people's room.  Child #3 left cellphone in child #2 room.  No cellphone for 2 weeks not acceptable.  So we had to make an adjustment - No one is allowed to take their stuff into another person's room.  It didn't go over so well for child #2.  She thinks that the rules still don't apply to #3.  Oh, I will be soooooooo glad when school is out.  It was a busy weekend and I am hoping that most of this will blow over.  And the icing on the cake -  #3 was wearing #2's shirt this am... Thank goodness I was home to avert WWIII!!!! LOL....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not too bad lately...

I think it is because, 1 is on restriction and school is almost out.- which I can't believe... Summers are easier and harder too... Makes no sense unless you have kids..

Well, youngest daughter (12) lost her Christmas present - the Kindle Fire.  Sadly, not shocking.. She has lost and/or destroyed 2 ipods, she is on laptop 3 and who knows how many phones.. but her mom and dad keep replacing them.. Oh yea, let us not forget the digital cameraS....  (yes I meant to use the S)...  So, after talking to some friends and discussing it with hubby - we have decided that she is going to have to pay us back 1/2 of the cost... She has a job of walking neighbor's dogs with our middle daughter (she is not getting any $$ right now because of restriction but still having to be responsible and walk dogs .. our middle daughter is getting all the money ... in the rules)...  So, what do you think?  Is it too harsh?  My goal is for her to FINALLY respect the things we buy her and hopefully have her learn the value of a dollar!!!!

On a side note, I am working on a new blog, too... One just about a big change coming to our life and then the daily craziness that ensues... It should be up and running May 1st!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Rules worked great!

So, youngest & stepdaughter asked dad to "meet" the boyfriend.. Keep in mind she's 11, will be 12 Saturday. I didn't like the idea.  Voiced it when it was mentioned and was dismissed.. No biggie.  Well the actual day of the meeting came - and JT kept dreading it.. I asked him to ask her what it meant to her and got my fav 3 words - "I don't know" - his dad wanted this meeting.. yea right.. To make a long, dragged out story short - her and the boy were planning to sneak away and kiss while dad's were talking.. omg . Needless to say - we went right to the rules and punishment list - lying to adult = 1 month of no electronics, etc..... wow.. she just got her phone back about 3 weeks ago.  No good way to enjoy Spring Break & Bday week.  But we are letting her have her bday party then strict lockdown after that... yikes... 11 and kissing.. not cool!

Monday, March 19, 2012

the life of a quiet stepmom

OMG.. I am gonna take that phone and throw it out the window.  R is mad because she has to follow the rules and pay the price for breaking them.  Plus earn money by doing another chore and mad about it cause she has to rush before I take her to her gym class and pay for her cheer class.. if she would remove the phone from her butt she could get her chores done in a reasonable amount of time w/out the flippin' disrespectful attitude i am praying about physically removing from her.. lol..

ok, i am done venting now.. praying for a quiet out loud tongue and praying for non physical reactions..


Friday, March 16, 2012


Of course I believe my hubby. We are going to follow thru with the rules. It didn't end well last night. I was the bad guy and hubby told me to leave him alone. But first thing this am, Hubby said rules will be enforced. I realized we don't have a rule for distraction of property. Might have to modify that. Lol

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peace is gone - Drama back!

Today's deal:
My two youngest sometimes wear each others jackets/sweatshirts.. No biggie, right.. Well today A. wears B.'s sweatshirt.  Then they switch and B takes notes from pocket. (yes do you see where this is going).  A wants said note back and B wont give it back.  Not pretty... A gets note back.  Puts note in her room and then goes w/me to her horse lesson. A gets phone call from B. that my hubby went into room to get said note and read it and B protected note and flushed.  So I call and ask hubby and get different story.  His story is B returned black ribbon to A's room and saw note on bed and brought it out and teased hubby and wouldn't let hubby get note and ripped and flushed note.  Are you following so far....  Now, A is upset and rightfully so and so am I.  The icing on the cake - the black ribbon is on the kitchen counter not in A's room.  How do I proceed... tune in and find out tomorrow......