Monday, March 19, 2012

the life of a quiet stepmom

OMG.. I am gonna take that phone and throw it out the window.  R is mad because she has to follow the rules and pay the price for breaking them.  Plus earn money by doing another chore and mad about it cause she has to rush before I take her to her gym class and pay for her cheer class.. if she would remove the phone from her butt she could get her chores done in a reasonable amount of time w/out the flippin' disrespectful attitude i am praying about physically removing from her.. lol..

ok, i am done venting now.. praying for a quiet out loud tongue and praying for non physical reactions..



  1. We're behind you! keep up the good work.

  2. Why not say no cell phones in the evenings unless it's an ER. You can use your phones in the evenings once your chores are done. They will probably throw a fit for a while but she would at least be done with her chores before cheer.

    1. So true.... good idea... but right now it doesnt matter cause she's on restriction.. will blog about that next!

    2. ahhhh, the teenage attitude, may it never cease to amaze us! lol