Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peace is gone - Drama back!

Today's deal:
My two youngest sometimes wear each others jackets/sweatshirts.. No biggie, right.. Well today A. wears B.'s sweatshirt.  Then they switch and B takes notes from pocket. (yes do you see where this is going).  A wants said note back and B wont give it back.  Not pretty... A gets note back.  Puts note in her room and then goes w/me to her horse lesson. A gets phone call from B. that my hubby went into room to get said note and read it and B protected note and flushed.  So I call and ask hubby and get different story.  His story is B returned black ribbon to A's room and saw note on bed and brought it out and teased hubby and wouldn't let hubby get note and ripped and flushed note.  Are you following so far....  Now, A is upset and rightfully so and so am I.  The icing on the cake - the black ribbon is on the kitchen counter not in A's room.  How do I proceed... tune in and find out tomorrow......


  1. Oh my do have drama!!! Leanne, I do feel for you!!

    First you have to decide who is telling the truth. My gut says you'll want to believe your hubby's story. That being said I would think B returned black ribbon just to be nosey to get note. No matter what the reason for returning to A's room wasn't she not suppose to be in her room per rules? Thought I read something about being in each others rooms and something about touching others things etc..

    Second, if B got the note and flushed it down the toilet then I would think she has broken some rules and hubby needs to "enforce the punishment" since it was all done in his presence.

    Frankly if any of my daughters did that to my husband or their sibling they would be lucky if they were alive..LOL! have a high spirited one...can't wait to hear the "rest of the story" :)

    Here's some info about high spirited children that may help:

  2. Well, here is an update (first Donna I sooooo agree about the if one of my daughters had done it there would be he** to pay). Of course, I believed hubby story and it was the truth. B conveniently had a headache and went to bed early but ultimately was just being mean and nosey. It ended last night with hubby getting p/o and telling me to leave him alone and not wanting to deal w/it. We will enforce the rules they all agreed to and then some. There is nothing about destruction of property, guess we will have to make an amendment. lol... the story continues afterschool...

  3. Oh Dear...Hubby is just doing the normal "guy"'s called running to their cave..LOL! Sometimes they have to do that before addressing issues...and sometimes they just do it to literally get away and not deal with it. This is when it really gets tough on the two of you because communication starts to break and you'll find yourself getting angry at the other half for not wanting to handle situations when they arise. It happened with us many, many times!! I often got blamed for making mountains out of mole hills. Focus on keeping that line of communication open...even in non-blended families dealing and discussing discipline is tough and often overlooked by one parent. Also I know it's hard when a child acts out ...first instinct is to always think they are just being terrible...but you may find after talking it out that the actions are a result of something deeper. Maybe B is jealous that you and A left together (having mommy and daughter time). Perhaps that was her way of trying to get attention from the other parent when really she may have wanted to go with you and A. It's hard trying to figure kids out today. And, with blending a family where kids already have established their identity it makes for a tougher challenge. Good luck ...and hang in there!!! This too shall pass :)

  4. It better pass... Now, Donna I would agree w/you but B had time w/her dad that evening all planned.. So no reason for jealously. I hope there is more to it than her just being mean! LOL.. One person commented that I should walk around like her mom did with a belt around my neck and tattler and tattlee got it! lol... might try it ...

  5. OMGoodness! I thought only my house was this crazy!! Thank you so much for your honesty & openness. I enjoy catching up with your posts from time to time.